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$9 USD per class starting at 11am and 5pm Daily

Class program and schedule


Learning online

Due to the changing way in which all of us have to function as a result of the current global health crisis, online classes offer a way to momentarily escape from isolation and boredom while learning to cook a cuisine you may not have already been familiar with.

Our online cooking classes are are great way to socialize with other cooking enthusiasts, families looking for a new activity in their daily routines, and a nice introduction to Thai cooking with the added bonus of learning a Thai song and the beginning steps of Thai dancing at the end of the class for those who wish to participate.

Taught online using ZOOM

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Student example of fruit carving of flowers


First 15 minutes
Greeting from instructors and group introduction

Classes are led by at least two of our long time instructors from Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand.

Ingredient Preparation

Students begin the class by preparing their ingredients. This will include cutting vegetables and measuring sauces. Instructors will provide safety and efficiency tips for vegetable cutting techniques as well as general preparation advice. Note that there are many ingredient substitutes that can be used in Thai cooking, so if you don't have access to all ingredients locally, you can still participate in our classes using substitute ingredients.

Fruit Carving Student with Instructor
11 AM - 12 PM
Complex Floral Designs

After feeling comfortable with the basics, students move on to more complex designs. It should be noted that even beginning students with patience are able to successfully finish complicated designs in a single class. Patience is the key.

Intricate Floral Design with Carrot

Students move into a more complex floral design using raw carrot. A round flower design.

Intricate Floral Design with Pumpkin

Once students have an understanding of the carrot flower design, they move on to one of the most complex floral designs using raw pumpkin.

Fruit Carving of a Bird by May Kaidee Student
12 PM - 2 PM
Watermelon Flower

After completing smaller sized designs, students are introduced to their first large sized carving challenge: a giant watermelon flower.

Student Carving Watermelon
2 PM - 3 PM
Small Floral Designs (continued)

After a short break students once again focus on smaller floral designs which complement the already finished watermelon design. This second set of small flowers is more complicated than the first set.

Instructor with Fruit Carving Student
3 PM - 4 PM
Animal Carvings

If time allows, students are instructed on how to create sculptures of animals such as the apple swan.

Fruit Carving of a Bird by May Kaidee Student
4 PM - 4:30 PM
Concluding Review and Discussion

Students and instructors review the completed sculptures. Instructors answer any remaining questions at this time and review specific cutting techniques if requested by the students.


Finished sculptures are arranged for photographs.

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Instructors Playing with Fruit Carving of Flower

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